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Planning is for You

Maybe you think contacting an Estate Planning Attorney would mean you take yourself too seriously. After all, your life is simple, straightforward and not fussy, right? Your finances are adequate—enough money to pay your bills. But only “rich” people need estate plans—so why would you need one?

Well, here’s the thing. Unexpected illness or death happen to everyone, not just the wealthy—and they are serious business. They have a way of leaving even the simplest of lives and assets a complicated mess. And who picks up the pieces of this mess? The stressed or grieving family.

This does not have to be your family or your legacy. You can do right by your loved ones. You can make a plan. An Estate Planning Attorney can guide you through the process.

Yours is the power to shape and design your future, to craft a positive and enduring legacy. Will your hallmark be intentional organization, responsibility, and foresight? Or will there be chaos, acrimony, and uncertainty born of neglect? If you desire a positive outcome, you must plan for it—and an Estate Planning Attorney at Promise Law can help you create the best plan for your situation.

The Benefit of a Plan

A well-thought-out plan ensures that you and your loved ones will be fully cared for—no matter what life brings. It expresses your important wishes about your care during your lifetime, directs how your property and assets are passed on to your selected beneficiaries, and makes clear who you trust to implement these important decisions. To be most effective, your plan must contain clear instructions so your loved ones can understand and follow your wishes.

In many ways, planning is about efficiency. The decision to pay attention to planning today provides an enormous amount of clarity tomorrow and every day afterward.  As an added benefit, planning is less expensive and time-consuming when you do it with your Estate Planning Attorney than it would be for your family to scramble up a solution in the midst of a crisis. Your personal leadership and proactive approach to planning can positively impact your loved ones, as well as benefitting the causes you care about and your community.

The Components of a Plan

Any good plan will include an advance medical directive and a durable property power of attorney. These powerful tools ensure that someone you trust will be granted legal authority to manage your medical and financial affairs during any period when you cannot.

A good plan also requires either crafting a will or forming a trust. It’s impossible for us to say which of these is best for you prior to a personal consultation. Promise Law’s approach is to educate you toward picking the best plan for your family based on your unique values, your finances, and other circumstances particular to your life.  Only when you fully consider your situation in light of the benefits and tradeoffs of will-based plans and trust-based plans can you make the decisions that are right for you.

To learn more about the issues and considerations involved in planning, and which documents you’ll need in order to implement your plan, click here to visit our FAQ page.

How to Begin the Process With an Estate Planning Attorney

Your process with an Estate Planning Attorney at Promise Law begins with a free, informative workshop – The 7 Hazards to Your Estate Plan. You can click here to register. The Workshop is presented by an Estate Planning Attorney who explains key concepts in estate planning, the types of documents involved, the impact of asset ownership on your plan, and how to protect your assets from the risk of long-term care.

After attending the Workshop, you will receive a free consultation. This Vision Meeting™ is a conversation where we learn about your family, your assets, and anything else important in crafting your plan. We review key concepts from the Workshop to further clarify your values. If you have existing estate planning documents, we will also audit them to see if they align with your values.

Most Workshop participants choose to move forward with this free consultation. There is no obligation to do so, however, just as there is no obligation to retain Promise Law at the end of your free consultation. We just want to help. Contact an Estate Planning Attorney today.

Planning FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions to help you plan for your future.