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Why should I consult with a wills and estate attorney near me?

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are. You’ve earned it. You deserve peace of mind and a solid sense of security about your legacy and assets. The state’s default rules control if you do not have documents directing who gets your assets when you pass or what happens if you cannot handle your affairs during your lifetime. The catch? Most people do not like these default rules.

You’ll want a pre-appointed decision-maker who is empowered and best positioned to make decisions regarding your affairs and assets. Estate planning is a good way to be thoughtful now on establishing who is responsible for what, who benefits, and what the conditions are—all on your terms.

Whether you found us by googling “estate attorney near me” or through word-of-mouth, we are glad your journey led you here. If you have looked around at our website, you have seen what makes us unique: providing information and clear help is at the heart of what we do.

What sets Promise Law apart from another wills and estate attorney near me?

Boutique firm expertise

One of the main benefits of working with attorneys who specialize in a particular area of law is subject matter expertise. We are able to hone in on our niche, gain legal fluency in our craft, and offer highly concentrated expertise to our clients. In addition, specialists consistently keep abreast of the latest legal developments, policy changes, and industry trends. When you work with an attorney focused on a specific area of law, you can trust that you are not working with a firm that employs a jack-of-all-trades approach. Rather, you are working with attorneys who have devoted their career to providing you with best-in-class service and a consistent caliber of excellence.

Another key advantage is the spectrum of experience we possess— not only from working with hundreds of other clients just like you— but from helping families when a loved one did not think ahead like you are now. We bring this experience to bear when we counsel you on how we can best construct your estate plan.

Personalized Attention

Promise Law’s commitment to our clients goes beyond the legal work. We achieve this by getting to know you and your unique life circumstances and needs. We want to know what brought you here, your story, and what you care about most. We understand that helping you plan for your future is a high-stakes endeavor that will affect almost every aspect of your life. We do not take this responsibility lightly. We handle our clients’ matters with the same attention to detail and care as we do our own. Our client-centric approach allows us to focus on the unique details related to your matter and anticipate even the most inconspicuous issues in advance.

Client Education

Knowledge is power. Promise Law strives to empower clients by providing valuable insights and educating clients to make informed decisions. It’s important to us that our clients are informed on how the law applies to their individual life circumstances and their options in light of it. From our free workshops (estate planning, probate, and Medicaid Long-term care) to our informational blog posts, we are committed to setting our clients up for success through education. Through every step of your journey, information is made accessible to our clients through plain language guidance and supportive counsel designed to give you the peace of mind and confidence you deserve.

Comprehensive Planning

Once we know you and your objectives, we carefully formulate a cohesive plan thoughtfully tailored to your goals and concerns. A comprehensive and well-crafted estate plan will address the many intricacies and stages of life. We engage with clients proactively and think ahead to anticipate needs and changes as life and priorities naturally shift.

How soon should I talk to a wills and estate attorney near me?

It’s never too soon to start thinking about crafting an estate plan that contemplates what your particular needs will be if the unexpected happens.

Naturally, we believe estate planning is a problem for future us. Unfortunately, in addition to not having the will to get started, many Americans do not have a will at all. In fact, as many as 40% of Americans pass without a will. Many Americans likely intended to create (or complete) a will eventually, but clearly, many never get around to it. The reality is that no one knows when they will pass, become impaired, or otherwise unable to care for their affairs.

Here’s why you may be procrastinating about your estate plan

Fun Fact: Behavioral economists created a model of human behavior called decision avoidance, which details that more choices and high-stakes make procrastination more prevalent. Estate planning meets both of these conditions, which may help to explain why many Americans avoid proper planning altogether.

What does this look like? It may start with you thinking about your assets and who you will leave them to. When confronted with these decisions, it seems easy to put off this task and tackle it another day. The importance of our decision increases the importance of getting it done now. When the stakes are high, we especially want to make the right decision. When we start thinking about the consequences of making the wrong choice, the result can be paralysis.

Do you feel seen– validated, even? If this sounds like you, there is zero judgment here.

Estate Planning is much easier than you think

Let’s put any limiting thoughts to rest. Estate Planning is much easier than you think. When you consult an experienced estate planning attorney, and one with a process, like Promise Law, we help you navigate the decisions, one step at a time. It all begins with education and attending our workshop. Then, we get to know you and what you value most. This is an important step in crafting the perfect estate plan for you. Some clients only require a simple estate plan, but even those who require complex estate plans are guided throughout the entire process.

We are passionate about providing superior-level counsel to help you manage your affairs in the days ahead. Planning for your future may sound like a daunting task– please rest assured that we have helped guide hundreds of clients through the process, and we are committed to helping you navigate the same waters! It’s our job to take the guesswork out of estate planning so you can focus on what matters to you—your health, family, and legacy.

Attend a live, virtual workshop

We invite you to attend one of our informative and interactive workshops. You’ll leave the presentation with newfound knowledge on how to make your estate plan work for you, how to avoid common pitfalls, and the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. The best part? As a workshop participant you will receive a complimentary consultation with an attorney.

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