What’s The Best Way To Find Lawyers That Do Wills Near Me

What’s The Best Way To Find Lawyers That Do Wills Near Me?

If you’re reading this, you likely know the importance of choosing an estate planning attorney who has your best interests in mind and can perform competently and confidently. When you ask yourself, “what’s the best way to find lawyers that do wills near me?” know that there are several avenues you may take in your search. However, with so much information around us, we understand it may be overwhelming to narrow your search down to one attorney. This post is designed to give you practical and efficient ways to find the right fit.

Ask Your Personal Network

One of the first places we all turn to when looking for any good or service is Google. It’ll usually start with you googling, for example “lawyers that do wills near me.” Though this is a good start, it’s worth asking your personal network whether they can recommend an attorney. If your friends and family had a good experience with an attorney, they are probably worth looking into. It would be helpful to understand what you’re looking for in a lawyer so you can confirm that these characteristics exist with your friends and family.

For example, do you prefer a lawyer who is personable and warm or buttoned up and strictly business? Finding a lawyer that fits your personality or approach is worth every ounce of effort put into it. You’ll be communicating and sharing some of the most detailed aspects of your life with your estate planning attorney, so comfortability is key.

Gain Deeper Insight

Once you have a list of potential attorneys, consider how you may gain further insight into them. One key way to do so is to go online and assess what is publicly available. A lawyer’s website is usually rich with information that can better inform your decision to hire them.

  • A homepage will usually tell you the areas of law that particular firm practices. For example, is the law firm a general practice firm that focuses on many different areas of law, or is it a boutique law firm specializing in one area? For the sake of efficiency and accuracy (and the peace of mind that comes with both), it is advised that those looking to create a will choose attorney who specializes in estate planning.
  • Check if the law firm has a bio section that tells you more about the attorneys. These bios are usually short descriptions of the attorney’s background and personality. Although these bios don’t tend to delve too deep, they should give you some insight into the attorney and what they may be like on a personal level.
  • Positive reviews and testimonials from past clients are some of the most valuable data points you can find on the website. In particular, past clients can give you a look into what they liked the most from working with that particular firm and attorney.
  • By visiting its website, clients can also see what value the law firm aims to give the public. A law firm that seeks to educate clients and answer common questions is a clue on how well the law firm knows a potential client’s pain points. Law firms that don’t “hide the ball” and instead provide information preemptively can be positive indicators of a client-centric culture.

Prepare for an Initial Consultation

At the initial consultation, you and your potential lawyer will gather information and assess whether the attorney-client relationship would be a good fit. In essence, you are still in the “finding a lawyer” process. However, you can take steps to ensure that this meeting is as productive as possible so that both parties make the best use of their time. Here are some good ways you can prepare for this initial consultation to get the most out of it:

  • Fill out and return any informational documents requested by the firm. It can be a bit intimidating laying bare family and financial information, but just like a doctor cannot give a prescription without a medical history, the estate planning attorney cannot give you good advice without some sense of context.
  • Be candid about your wishes, even if you think some information is trivial or inconsequential (it may be important!).
  • Gather documents you think may be relevant so you can give the attorney a full view of your matter.
  • Write down any questions you may have so that you remember to ask them once you’re talking to the attorney.

Learn About Estate Planning Wherever You Want, Whenever You Want

Here at Promise Law, we like to lead with education, empowering you to make informed decisions about your estate plan. This is why we start our process with a free educational workshop where you’ll learn planning basics through straightforward examples and language. You can also expect to learn about pitfalls to avoid and the steps to reach the peace of mind that comes with securing your and your family’s future. To ensure a positive user experience, the workshop is available on-demand and can be watched online at your convenience. Interested? Please contact our office at (757) 690-2470 or complete the form here watch the workshop today.



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