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Estate Plan Maintenance

Whew!  The sigh of relief and sense of satisfaction that accompanies a task well done certainly applies after you have signed your informed, well-crafted, and comprehensive estate plan that reflects your goals, values, and family realities.  Congratulations!

What do Glen Campbell, the Steve Miller Band, Frank Sinatra, and Jimmy Buffett have in common?  And what does that question have to do with estate planning?  They’ve all sung about “the world keeps spinning” or “time keeps slipping into the future.”

The world does keep on spinning and time does keep slipping into the future and with it, health changes, finances change, families change, and goals and values change.  Unfortunately, estate plans do not always adapt to keep pace with the other changes going on in one’s life.  Like an insect trapped in amber, your estate plan may over time become a memorial to your and your beneficiaries’ past lives, rather than a reflection of current ones.   

To ensure that your planning continues to reflect your goals and values, and to adapt your plan to changes in your life and the lives of your beneficiaries and named agents and fiduciaries, it is essential that you review your plan regularly and update it as necessary to reflect new realities.

Beginning in 2020, with rollout in November 2019, Promise Law will make it easier for our clients to regularly review and update their estate plans through membership in the Promise Law PIE™ Estate Plan Maintenance Program.

PIE (People, Investments, and Education) members will receive an annual estate plan review meeting with an attorney, additional complimentary telephone consultations with an attorney, telephone consultations with your financial advisor and tax advisor, a complimentary updated Advance Medical Directive and/or Durable Power of Attorney, and limited amendments to a Will and/or Trust. PIE members will also receive complimentary notary services and be invited to special members-only events.

PIE membership makes it easier for you to regularly review and update your estate planning documents to reflect changes in your life and the lives of your beneficiaries and fiduciaries.  It allows you to learn about changes in the law that may affect your estate plan so that you can adapt your plan accordingly.  It allows you to routinely monitor and adjust your plan rather than wait for “someday.”

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The world will keep on spinning and time will keep slipping into the future, and you and the people you love will keep on experiencing changes.  Contact Promise Law today to learn more about our PIE™ Estate Plan Maintenance Program and be ready for what the future brings.   Life happens.  Plan on it.™


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